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Should Malta Follow This UK Primary School’s Social Distancing Plan For Its Students?

A now-deleted Facebook post seen by shared that once re-instated in schools, students of a primary school in Northumberland will be assigned ‘play bubbles’ where they will have to stay when they go outside.

It continued to suggest that any toys, soft furnishings and books had been removed from classrooms and outside playing equipment will not be able to be used as there is not enough staff to clean it afterwards.

But what perhaps raised the most concern was the fact that children will basically be requested to ‘do their own first aid’ if they scrape themselves.

The post read: ‘If they fall over or have a toileting accident they will be encouraged to change themselves and clean their scrape or cut.

The post also said children will be given specific time slots for going to the bathroom ‘and will not be allowed to leave the classroom outside of their allocated toilet times’.

‘If it is not possible for the child to clean themselves in the event of an accident, the parent will be called to collect them so they can do that at home.’

Corridors will be split and marked off so that children will be able to keep a safe social distance from each other when using the corridors.

Photos of desks measured at a distance of 1m each were also posted…

What do you think about the measures this school in Northumberland is taking? is it a tad too much, or should Malta follow suit and do something similar for when our schools re-open their doors?