Should Malta follow in Finland’s footsteps?

Finland has announced plans to offer men and women equal paid parental leave, as well as an extension of the total family allowance from 11.5 months to just over 14 months.

The Finnish government said that both parents would get a paid leave allowance of 164 days, each.

Pregnant women will get another month on top of this and single parents would be able to use the total allowance offered to two parents.

So this begs the question, should Malta follow suit and offer more parental leave to parents?

As it stands, women in Malta are allowed 126 days, which is the equivalent of 18 weeks, of maternity leave.  Six weeks is the compulsory entitlement and is taken after birth. Four weeks leave may be taken before birth while the remaining leave (8 weeks) may be taken immediately before or after birth as an employee may request.

Men, on the other hand, are given 10 days of paid paternity leave as part of a new EU directive agreed upon earlier this year.

But is that enough?

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, admitted that Finland needed to reform its parental leave policy, explaining that “too few fathers were spending time with their children while they were young.”

What do you think about all of this? Should Malta follow in Finland’s footsteps and allow parents to take more parental leave in the first few months of their baby’s birth?

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