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SHOCKING! Zibel’s Latest Clean-Up In Numbers and Pictures


The people over at the NGO Zibel and their countless volunteers, have been organising cleanups for quite a while now, and last Saturday they organised another one of their intense clean-up sessions, this time at Tal-Ghazzenin Bay in St Paul’s. However, if there is one thing these people aren’t it’s definitely Ghazzenin (Maltese for Lazy).

The session took 5+ hours, saw the participation of 20+ dive volunteers, and generated some 907.5kg of waste!



“After careful consideration of the rapidly changing situation relating to COVID-19, we decided to restrict our last clean-up to dive volunteers only. From broken deck chairs, to old fishing gear 🎣 and tyres, this is the last of over 5 clean-ups in the area in recent years – so THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all the divers that dedicated their Saturday morning to help us! We couldn’t have done this without you,” Zibel wrote on their Facebook Page.



This is the Clean-up in Numbers – prepare to be amazed!

  • Recyclable Ocean Plastic* 74.12 kg
  • Recyclable Ocean Plastic Bottles* 33.5 kg
  • Glass 1 kg
  • Metal 12.88 kg
  • General 193.12 kg



  • Tyres 181.74 kg
  • Fishing Gear 243.7 kg
  • Bulky Waste 165.04 kg
  • Bottle Caps 2.4 kg
*Ocean Plastics cannot be usually recycled with regular plastics and so require their own special process. All ocean plastic will be recycled by Zibel’s new partner, Odyssey Innovation.
photos: Zibel