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Shark Becomes Internet Sensation…for its Striking Donald Trump Resemblance

Donald Trump has chosen Florida as his home state after the four-year Presidency stint, and the state is now also home to another version of The Donald…in the form of, a shark!

Photographer and videographer Tanner Mansell, 27, managed to capture the impressive underwater shot of the shark while diving off the coast near his home in Jupiter, Florida back in December 2019.


Credit: Jam Press

Jam Press


However, Mansell has only shared it online recently, where it’s since gone viral with many people pointing out the shark’s somewhat of a striking resemblance to the former US President.



One person wrote: “Am I alone to see a Trump hair shape?”

Another said: “Tell me why I thought this was a Trump face swap.”

On the other hand, there were others who could not resist throwing in a pun, writing: “Trump’s in deep water.”



Speaking about his viral shot, Tanner said: “I crave moments beneath the surface, capturing new angles of wildlife that have not been captured”

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