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Abandoned puppies dumped ‘like rubbish’ in Luqa

Maltese animal welfare campaigners have appealed for help after nine puppies were found dumped on a building site ‘like rubbish’.

The Association for Abandoned Animals said it was alerted by a worker on a construction site in Luqa on Tuesday morning.

The charity said the adorable little dogs were left in a cardboard box and could easily have been crushed by bulldozers.

The assocoation has taken in the puppies to give them all the care and attention they deserve.

In a Facebook post, the animal welfare group said: ‘Truly a shame. No other word for it.

‘We are fed up and we are tired of this ongoing abandonment.’

It added: ‘They should still be with their mother but instead they were thrown out like a garbage bag.

‘If anyone wants to help by buying us puppy milk and puppy can food it would be much appreciated.

‘They are not yet for adoption, at this point we are only hoping we can save them all.’

Abandoning a dog or cat is an offence under Malta’s animal welfare laws.

Anyone found guilty of doing so can expect to be banned from keeping pets for a fixed period or life.

Truly a SHAME. No other word for it. We are fed up and we are tired of this ongoing abandonment. Nine puppies of…

Publiée par Association for Abandoned Animals sur Lundi 16 décembre 2019

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