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Shakira Could Face 8 Years In Prison After Trial

shakira prison

Her hips don’t lie, but she sure does 👀



Spanish courts have ruled that Shakira must go to trial for tax evasion. If convicted, the 45-year-old Colombian singer could spend up to eight years in prison. The allegations have been vigorously denied by Shakira. 😮


Shakira prison


The singer is alleged to have defrauded the Spanish tax authority of €14.5 million regarding earnings she received between 2012 and 2014. She rejected the plea agreement because, according to her attorneys, the singer was “100% certain of her innocence.” 😥



Shakira is charged with utilizing an intricate offshore corporate structure to evade taxes and lying about where she lived during those years. Spanish state prosecutors demanded the eight-year jail sentence if she went to trial and was convicted. 🙃