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7 Maltese Landmarks To Spot On The LaVallette Marathon


Inhale the history as you make history in The Intersport LaValette Marathon!


The LaValette Marathon organised by Corsa Malta is the first of its kind on the islands. Coming April 24th, this is your chance to set course records in Malta’s first AIMS accredited marathon and half marathon.



“With open seas on one side and majestic mediaeval fortifications on the other” this race offers a unique sports experience, taking you through a breathtaking route passing by Malta’s most iconic cultural landmarks. From Sliema to Valletta to Senglea and finishing in Vittoriosa, it’s a tour of Malta’s rich history through and through.


Keep reading for a run-down of the hotspots you’ll be seeing on your way!


1. From Sliema Seafront to Portes De Bombes


The marathon kicks off on the Sliema seafront with the commanding Valletta fortifications in the distance across the sea. The route takes you up to Floriana past the iconic Portes des Bombes.



2. Around Triton’s Fountain: the heart of Valletta


Entering Valetta, the runners take their course around Tritons’ Fountain straight into the heart of the city. It’s downhill from there going under the Valetta fortifications and overlooking Manoel Island.


Tritons' Fountain - Wikipedia


3. Epic Live Re-enactments at Fort St. Elmo


Next up is Fort St. Elmo where there will be live re-enactments taking place, adding to the historical atmosphere of the race.


Fort St Elmo, Valletta, Malta, aerial view. Valletta is the southernmost  capital of Europe - Globetrender


4. Down to the Grand Harbour


Passing the Great Siege Bell and then downhill towards the old Pixkerija, you find yourself on the Valletta waterfront. As you take in the magnificent sea views of the Grand Harbour, you’re finally out of the city.


Homepage | Valletta Waterfront



5. A taste of Industrial Malta


Running along the seafront, the route takes runners from Valletta to Marsa as they pass the parish church. The marathon also gives a taste of industrial Malta, going into Dock 5 which will be exclusively opened for the day to go through.


6. Into Senglea: another round of Medieval Fortifications


The half marathon keeps going towards the industrial estate and then uphill behind MCAST Paola. Through the Ghajn Dwieli tunnel and the Senglea Gate, runners find themselves surrounded by the Senglea Bastions.

Senglea, Malta: guida ai luoghi da visitare - Lonely Planet



7. Closing up in Vittoriosa: The Centre of the Three Cities


Coming out of the impressive Senglea Bastions, you’ll take the final stretch along the coast looking off at Valletta across the harbour. The finish line is in Vittoriosa and can process all the history that you’d have inhaled that day in the historical centre of The Three Cities.


property in vittoriosa birgu


Sign up for the full or half marathon today! Get all the information you could need on their website and follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with everything 📲