Seriously? You Wouldn’t Believe What ZIBEL Managed to Find At the Bottom of the Sea


Local NGO Zibel recently organised a cleanup at the Royal Malta Yacht Club. We’ve heard to bottles, or other sort of “usual” things that are usually irresponsibly dumped at sea. However, this is something which we have never seen!

“From trolleys, to microwaves, to ironing boards and whole boats, over the past few years we’ve really seen it all down there,” Zibel wrote on their page.
Someone’s Trolley Dash must have taken a turn for the worst!
Yes, that’s right! A Trolley…a Supermarket Trolley…at the bottom of the sea!
Because one wasn’t enough!
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Zibel organises various cleanups regularly, all over Malta!
While you’re there, throw in some old tyres too…hekk ghall-buzz!
We owe these people heaps of gratitude! YOU, on the other hand, be responsible, and dispose of things at the designated places, which does not include the Sea!

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