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FIRST-LOOK: Semi-Transparent LED Screen for Eurovision Stage

It is no secret that we have a particular affection towards the Eurovision Song Contest – make that an obsession!

Now that X Factor Malta is over and Destiny will be Malta’s Ambassador in May, our attention shifts to Netherlands and the Ahoy Arena.

The Danish host broadcaster and the EBU have revealed more details about the Stage Design for this year’s musical extravaganza, and I  can assure you that they are mind-blowing.

New images show that a large semi-transparent LED screen will be used at the Ahoy Arena during the live shows. The screen is 22 meters wide and 5 meters high and can serve as a background for the smaller B-stage.


The screen connects the main stage to the B-stage and can be creatively used by delegations. Because it’s semi-transparent, the audience can still see the stage when the screen is used. When not in use, the screen will be completely retracted.



The overall design of the stage is inspired by the theme ‘Open Up’ and the typical Dutch flat landscape and brings back the Green Room to the arena.


Stage Designer Florian Wieder said that “The design shows the connection between the sky, the sea and the land. The horizon links these elements and that horizon will work as a window to open up the world of Eurovision 2020. The floor plan of the stage is inspired by the canals and bridges that connect land and water in the Netherlands. With this design, we want to bring the artists as close as possible to the audience.”


Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Event said that: “The design is innovative, modest and functionally smart. This way we can create a completely different look for each of the 41 participating acts, opening and interval acts and during the voting results. We’ll present an innovative stage design, grand in its simplicity and yet full of surprises.”