See You Next Year Nadur! Much-Loved Spontaneous Carnival is NOT Happening this year!


The Nadur Local Council has issued a statement regarding this year’s Nadur Carnival, which draws the crowds every February to the sister island.

In the statement the local council said that “although it is a known fact that Nadur is synonymous with the carnival and is the locality that gives the greatest importance to this time of year, the Local Council believes that these times we are living are not appropriate for the gathering of people and for the organization of events that involve masses of people.”



Therefore, the statement continued, the Local Council said that it will not be organising any mass event during the Carnival 2021 Days, adding that it will not give related permits to any entity or group in order to organise any type of mass activity during carnival.

The Local Council insisted that since the nature of the Nadur carnival is a spontaneous one, “NOBODY should use this as an excuse to meet or gather groups of people in Nadur, and the local council is committed that, if necessary, it will report to the police to ensure that order is kept and that no law or health authority directive is broken.”

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