Second Ramla Turtle Nest Dug Out Today – 101 Eggs Found!


In the presence of ERA Officials and Veterinarian Dr A Gruppetta, the second unrecorded Ramla nest in Gozo was dug out today, to assess the number of eggs and the nest’s success rate.

Nature Trust Malta has in fact said that 57 eggs were found as hatched and 44 eggs were found unhatched, further stating that this nest had a low success rate.



In the update, Nature Trust said that it is not known if all the 57 eggs made it to sea, since this nest was unrecorded, and since some baby turtles might have fallen victims to ghost crabs. NTM said that the volunteers searched for the nest but couldn’t find it.

This has been quite an eventful summer in Malta for Turtle nests, with loads of nests reported in Malta and Gozo, all of which were duly monitored by Nature Trust Malta and its volunteers. Nature Trust (Malta) is one of the oldest non-governmental organisations dealing with the natural environment in the Maltese Islands. Its main focus is on site management, environmental education and lobbying for effective environmental legislation.


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