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Scotland Joins In On Trialling A Four-Day Work Week Without Loss Of Pay


The Scottish government is expected to launch trials of a four-day working week, with a new survey showing that 80% of workers are all for the idea!


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This initiative would see hours reduced by 20% without any loss of pay. Its proponents argue that giving workers an extra day off can help boost mental wellbeing whilst increasing productivity on the remaining working days.



65% of those polled by the IPPR Scotland said that they thought they would be more productive with a shorter working week.


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As for what the trial will actually look like, few details have been given out so far. However, suggestions include adding the extra days off to worker’s annual leave, increasing the number of public holidays, or directing the hours towards training or volunteering.



Similar proposals have already been launched in Iceland, wherein the initiative has been implemented for 6 years, as well as New Zealand. A trial also found that productivity increased by 20% among workers offered reduced hours, with staff reporting an improved work-life balance.


Do you think a four-day working week would work in Malta?