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Schoolgirl gets baking for Maltese charity

Meet Emma, a 10 year-old Maltese girl who has a passion and a knack for cooking and baking.

Merely a few days ago, she pursued her ingenious idea of opening her own little bakery business, with all profits being donated to Puttinu Cares.

In her Facebook page she writes:

“I love baking …

So why not do it for a good cause …

While enjoying my hobby, I can help those in need.

All profit I make will go to Puttinu Cares, no matter how small!”

The page hasn’t even been up for a week and reviews have already flooded in, praising the girl not only for the great initiative, but also for her delicious treats.

Everyone seems to be raving about Emma’s Homemade Treats:

“We have received a delicious batch of cookies of yours Emma !! Highly highly recommended ! Brava”

“They are homemade fresh and delicious. and all for a good cause. brava !!!!”

Want to get on the Emma’s Homemade Treats bandwagon?

It’s real easy.

Just follow her page and drop her a message to place your order. Just had a taste of her cookies ourselves … and let’s just say … Had absolutely no interest whatsoever in sharing.