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School Girl Sends Sassy Letter To McDonald’s Asking For Home Delivery


A sassy four-page letter was sent to McDonald’s by a 10-year old schoolgirl after finding out that the fast-food chain did not deliver to her area.


Georgia May Hibbert in the most polite but firm way explained in her letter her whole situation and why she was looking forward to her ‘deserving’ treat whilst she is self-isolating.



The thoughtful youngster took felt-pen to paper in urging McDonald’s for a compromise on this occasion.


Georgia May Hibbert wrote the letter in felt pen (Credit: Kennedy)


She explained that if they met her wishes, many other children would be very happy, and it would benefit their entire company.



Furthermore, she demanded to know why they didn’t deliver to her area.


The four page letter asks McDonald's to come to a compromise (Credit: Kennedy)


Georgia kept her tone nice throughout the letter, even admitting that despite her “extremely strong” feelings on the subject, the chain remained “top of her takeaway list.”


Georgia is an aspiring writer (Credit: Kennedy)


Georgia’s mum shared it with McDonald’s on social media after the letter was finished.