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Scamp the Tramp is crowned the world’s ugliest dog

Scamp the Tramp’s looks have made him a winner – but it wasn’t a beauty contest.

The scruffy-haired, bug-eyed pooch took the top prize at the 31st annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in California.

His owner Yvonne Morones won $1,500 in cash, another $1,500 to donate to an animal charity of her choice, and lots of bragging rights.

Scamp, an adopted street dog, beat 18 other contestants who showed off their bowed legs, dodgy grins, droopy tongues and other strange attributes.

In last year’s competition Scamp finished second behind Zsa Zsa the English Bulldog.

Organisers say the contest is not just skin-deep. It is also about bringing attention to the needs of rescue dogs.

Most competitors were previously abandoned or rescued from shelters in the US.

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