Sarah Everard case sparks calls against harassment of women


On March 3, Sarah Everard went missing while walking back home in London. Earlier this week, human remains were found in the search for the 33-year-old.


This news reignited a wave of awareness about the injustice that women face daily. Women across the globe, including in Malta, started sharing their stories to show support. Many also vocalised how unjust it is that women to adapt their behaviour in response to gender-based violence.



Sarah’s case struck a chord with a lot of women because of the shared fear they experience. It has become eerily natural for women to be hyper-conscious of their safety just because they were always taught so. Lucy Mountain’s post, which went viral yesterday perfectly captured this shared sense of fear.



She goes on that the worst part about all of these precautions is how natural they feel to women, especially when compared to men. These actions don’t feel like an extra effort to be safe, rather innate behaviours that are ingrained in the vast majority of women.


This post, along with many others, echoed the same sentiment. They called for men to realise the fear that women live with because of many men’s actions. “A woman should be allowed to walk home.”

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