Santa Venera Minority Leader Proposes New Road to be named after Miriam Pace


Darren Carrabott, a councillor of the Santa Venera Local Council and a new candidate for Malta’s next General Elections has just presented a proposal to name a new road in Santa Venera after Mrs Miriam Pace, who unfortunately passed away after her house collapsed in a construction incident last year.

“This new road which was inaugurated a few months ago is located some 200m away from where the tragedy which shook the nation took place. Since this new road does not yet have a name, I have sought permission from the Pace family to put forward this proposal,” Mr Carabott wrote on social media.

Mr Carabott added that while justice can never be made with the Pace family in that they will never regain what they have lost, “we must keep Mrs Pace’s memory alive and remind ourselves why she unfortunately passed away,” whilst urging for the reform to be set into motion, so that everyone can feel safe in his or her own home.

Since this is just a proposal, it needs to be first approved by the Santa Venera Local Council so that it can then be passed on as a recommendation to the designated committee responsible for the names of Malta’s streets and roads.

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