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Santa & his sleigh spotted on a traffic sign on Malta’s Coast Road

Come Christmas time, each and every Maltese town is in an unofficial battle against each other to come up with the most gorgeous and original decorations to paint their town with.

And with less than one week to go for Christmas, we may have found one of the most subtle yet amazing decorations to hit the island.

So you better not pout, you better not cry … and I’m telling you why. Santa Clause is landing on freakkin Coast Road.

Yep, the local council responsible for the Coast Road between St Paul’s Bay and St Julian’s has made the long road a bit more jolly with Santa and his reindeer stamped right onto a road sign.

If you’re driving in the area, make sure to slow down, cos Santa and probably Dasher (he’s always the one mentioned first in literally every Christmas movie ever – you know.. ON DASHER, ON DANCER, ON PRANCER ON VIXON) might make an unexpected appearance, and we don’t want anything happen to Santa now do we…

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