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Sam Smith’s New Album ‘Love Goes’ Set for October 30th Launch!


Whether you’ve been a fan since the ‘Money on my Mind’ days or you started listening since ‘Lay Me Down’ was released, you’ve probably heard of Sam Smith. The soul music singer has won several Grammys as well as an Academy Award for the James Bond theme song in 2016.

This year, Sam Smith had originally announced the release of his third album ‘ To Die For’ for the end of May. But alas, the hype was short-lived like many good things this year, as Sam opted to change the title in light of the ongoing pandemic.



After what seemed like forever, Sam Smith announced last week that his third album will in fact be released on the 30th of October this year! The new album entitled ‘Love Goes’ “marks a time of experimentation and self discovery” as the singer wrote on his Instagram account.



In the album promo, Sam also said that with every album he writes, he’s always trying to get closer to who he is and portray this in his music while feeling connected to himself.



Until now, Sam Smith has released two songs from this album, one being ‘Oasis’ featuring Burna Boy and the other ‘Diamonds’ which has since placed at number 10 in the UK Big Top 40 List.



AND if the release of the new album isn’t enough to look forward to, Smith has also announced a pandemic-friendly virtual concert where fans will get the opportunity to watch him live from the comfort of their own home!