“Safety First, Always!” – Air Malta Prepares For The New Way Of Travelling


In a Facebook post, Air Malta has announced that from 1st June 2020, all passengers travelling on an Air Malta flight will be required to wear, at all times, their own face mask.

Air Malta said that it is imperative that the mask is kept on during boarding, transfer to and from the aircraft, and on-board at all times.

The airline is also recommending that the mask is also kept on within the airport building, before and during check-in as well as upon arrival, when collecting baggage, all the time till the passenger leaves the airport building.

Air Malta made it clear that “evidence suggests that the risk of transmission on board an aircraft is low due to the high efficient air ventilation and filtration systems,” adding that they are introducing this measure, to further reduce the already low risk.

Passengers without their own face mask will not be allowed to board the aircraft.


😷 | Preparing for the 'new' way of travelling…Evidence suggests that the risk of transmission on board an aircraft…

Publiée par Air Malta sur Jeudi 28 mai 2020


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