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Rupert Grint Breaks World Record After Joining Instagram


As everyone has probably heard, yes, Rupert Grint has joined Instagram (finally).

Rupert Grint aka. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter joined the platform on Wednesday this week to introduce the world to his daughter Wednesday G. Grint. His first (and only) post is a photo of him and Wednesday which he jokingly captioned “…only 10 years late.” Well, better late than never, right?



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Merely 4 hours and 1 minutes later he reached a million followers and broke the Guinness World Record for ‘fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.’ The record was previously held by Sir David Attenborough, the British natural historian and broadcaster whose Netflix documentary: ‘A Life On Our Planet’ went viral this year. Sir David Attenborough managed to surpass a million followers in 4 hours and 44 minutes shortly after joining Instagram in September this year.



The Harry Potter star has yet to comment on his achievement (he’s probably busy being a dad now). With this record he has surpassed previous record breakers namely Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham and even the Pope himself!

Till now, Grint  has racked up to 2.9 million followers with his first post surpassing 2.7 million likes! We can’t be happier for Rupert Grint and baby Wednesday!