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Roderick Cassar Told Police He was ‘Hearing Voices’ Upon Arrest


Roderick Cassar was charged with the femicide of his wife and the mother of their 2 children. Bernice Cassar was shot dead behind the MCAST building in Kordin.


After a 17-hour stand-off, until he was arrested, Cassar also told the police he was ‘hearing voices’ upon arrest.



As a result, the defense asked for Cassar to be detained at Mount Carmel Hospital Forensic Unit instead of in prison. The court found no objection and as a result, he is currently at Mount Carmel.


Bernice Cassar, mother of two, killed in Kordin shooting


This is not the first time femicide aggravators would have pled insanity. Abner Aquilina had also pled insanity after violently murdering Paulina Dembska at the beginning of this year.



What do you make of this ‘trend’?