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Robin Williams Made Secret Food Bank Donation Before His Death

The late actor Robin Williams made a secret $50,000 food bank donation before his tragic death.


The comic actor died back in 2014 at the age of 63 and was hands down one of Hollywood’s most beloved and talented entertainers. He’s mostly known for the characters he interpreted in movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society and Night at the Museum.


Seven years later, Williams is remembered for his generosity and kindness that continue to emerge to this day. In fact between 2004 and 2008, he managed to secretly raise around $50,000 for a food bank in Seattle called West Seattle Food Bank. The huge donation was raised from proceeds from a number of his shows without seeking any recognition for it.


Robin Williams: The Heart of Comedy | Time


The director of the food bank Fran Yeatts was astounded after this generous act saying ‘Robin Williams is the type of person who really understands there are a lot of people who are really, really struggling.’ Volunteer Bill Bacon added that Robin Williams is a classic example of a person that, in spite of battling serious problems, still can aspire to do great things and spread kindness. Another volunteer who met the famous actor called Aaron Ellis also said the act of giving back meant the world to him, ‘it solidified my sobriety to this day.’