Robert Pattinson Says He’ll Do X-Rated Movies If The Batman Flops


Robert Pattinson has openly stated that he would do “art-house porn” on one condition.



Pattinson will star as the renowned caped crusader in the dark, brooding, and gritty remake of the franchise, which is one of the year’s most anticipated films.



Some fans may be cheering for a box office flop because Pattinson has already stated that if The Batman fails, he will move on to a totally different kind of film: porn.


Speaking to the Guardian, he said he would switch to “art-house porn” if The Batman ended up being a failure.



Pattinson took a break from the popular cinema after achieving mega-stardom in the Twilight saga and featured in a succession of low-key independent films, including the critically praised The Lighthouse with Willem Dafoe.


As a result, The Batman will be his first leading part in a major film in quite some time. However, if the film fails to live up to the anticipation, Pattinson has a backup plan.



In the interview, Pattinson says that he’s his own biggest critic. When he’s asked what he’ll do if the worst-case scenarios in his head play out after The Batman‘s release, the actor replied: “Porn. But art-house porn.”