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Riverdale Season 5 Premiere Date Confirmed


The infamous Netflix series, Riverdale, has just announced its release date for Season 5, which will be the fifth and final instalment to the show!


Season 5 will premiere on 21st January, which means there are just over two weeks left! Plus, this season will be extra-long since it will also include the last few episodes of Season 4!



Naturally, this is due to production being shut down back in March, after a team member tested positive for COVID-19. These first few episodes will follow the group’s graduation and prom as they leave Riverdale High, before moving forward by seven years.


The Trailer For Riverdale Season 5 Is Finally Here


It surely looks dramatic, to say the least, as a preview saw Veronica in tears explaining ‘Something happened between Betty and Archie’, who kissed last season.



Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead visit Bret in prison. Elsewhere, the group tries to figure out who is sending the creepy, disturbing videos, and viewers also see an unknown person dragging a knife along the face of Jellybean.


Riverdale Season 5 Revels the secret picture - Daily Research Plot


Needless to say, we’re ready for a binge-watch!