Rihanna Issues Apology To the Muslim Community Following Fashion Show


Rihanna had to issue an apology after controversial music was used at her latest Savage X Fenty fashion show. She did this after receiving backlash online for using the song ‘Doom’ by Coucou Chloe, which, turns out, includes sacred Muslim text, known as the Hadith.



On Instagram, Rihanna said that the use of the song was irresponsible adding that it was an honest, yet careless mistake.


A screenshot of the apology


Rihanna’s fashion and beauty brand Fenty has received bucketloads of praise for its commitment to diversity in the past. But some Muslim supporters questioned the use of the song when the show streamed on Amazon Prime on last week.



A Hadith is part of a collection of texts believed to be the spoken words of the Prophet Muhammad, and after the holy book of the Quranthe Hadiths are seen as some of the most important religious texts to Muslims. The Arabic verse used in the song, during the fashion show is part of a Hadith about judgement day.