Ridley Scott Directing New Film In Malta Starring Joaquin Phoenix


Gladiator and House of Gucci director, Sir Ridley Scott will be directing a new film in Malta in early 2022. The film, Kitbag, is a biopic about Napoleon and will also be filmed in France and the UK. The Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix will also be starring in it alongside Vanessa Kirby.


Phoenix and Scott had already teamed up before for a film for Gladiator which also had scenes in Malta back in 2000. Joaquin Phoenix will star as Napoleon and Vanessa Kirby as his wife, Josephine. Polish cinematographer Dariusz Adam Wolski, known for his brilliant work on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, posted on Instagram that he was in Malta for location scouting.



Ridley Scott stated “Napoleon is a man I’ve always been fascinated by. He came out of nowhere to rule everything — but all the while he was waging a romantic war with his adulterous wife Josephine. He conquered the world to try to win her love, and when he couldn’t, he conquered it to destroy her, and destroyed himself in the process.”


“I’m working on a [film about Napoleon Bonaparte]. It’s starting with a snowball fight in Corsica. I want Napoleon as a young boy to put a stone inside a snowball because he’s losing the fight to other boys in his military school. He fights dirty. So I draw that out. It fits the location I’ve already found in Malta, a fantastic Napoleonic courtyard,” Scott stated.



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