Richmond Foundation Expands Its Mental Health Services After Pandemic Transforms People’s Lives


With the pandemic taking the world by storm over the past two years, our lives have taken a 360° turn. Though many are claiming that ‘we are back to normality’, we all know that so much has changed, especially when it comes to our mental health…


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The impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health has been rather shocking. Some have experienced anxiety when going back to the office or developed depressive symptoms while working from home… others were also anxious about their business slowing down.


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Children and adolescents in particular have been impacted by the disruption in their school routines. Undeniably, many people across the Islands are struggling, but it’s in these hard moments that real help can transform our life, show us a future, and give us hope.



In line with the World Health Organisation’s pledge to promote ‘Mental Health Services for All’, Richmond Foundation has expanded its services over the past few months and introduced a handful of new ones to offer hope to more people who are struggling. The requests for such services have increased drastically.


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The Richmond Foundation offers support to anyone experiencing mental health problems, as well as to the people who live and work with them. Their goal is to ensure that those struggling with their mental health live fulfilling lives in a community that not only accepts them but understands them.



Especially after the pandemic boom, Richmond has been offering free emotional support sessions to anyone who needs more support beyond a call or a chat. However, for the Foundation to be able to keep up with the demand, they need our support…


If you want to help give hope to the people who reach out to the Richmond foundation by donating, you can visit or click here.