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Revealed: The 10 safest places to live in Malta and Gozo

The safest places to live in Malta and Gozo have been revealed.

Fontana in Gozo once again has the lowest crime rate in the Maltese Islands, according to the latest figures.

Only eight offences were reported in the small town in 12 months, five of which were for ‘minor criminal damage’.

Gozo topped the league table with Kercem, San Lawrenz, Sannat and Ghasri making up the top five.

In Malta, the lowest crime rate was recorded in Safi where only 40 offences were committed during the year.

In all, 43 crimes were reported in Lija, while Mdina saw 44.

Dingli reported 45 offences, Mtarfa reported 46 crimes and Santa Lucija saw 47 crimes.

Police figures show that crime in Malta and Gozo fell by 10 per cent over the past three years.

In 2019, overall crime levels dropped by two per cent.

The safest places to live in Gozo

1. Fontana – 8 crimes
2. Kercem – 14 crimes
3. San Lawrenz – 16 crimes
4. Ghasri – 16 crimes
5. Sannat – 17 crimes

The safest places to live in Malta

1. Safi – 40 crimes
2. Lija – 43 crimes
3. Mdina – 44 crimes
4. Dingli – 45 crimes
5. Mtarfa – 46 crimes

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