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Maltese Facebook users reveal the real reasons why they don’t reply to messages

How many times have you sent a message, only to be left on seen?

Or maybe you’re the one seen-zoning people and you’re always nagged at for not replying soon enough.

While this may come as a surprise to some of us, unfortunately, people’s lives do not always revolve around us (except the occassional mama/nanna who does nothing but obsess over her kid/grankid). Shocking! I know.

Having said that, not replying to messages in a day and age where technology is constantly available and everyone is literally a short message away, is unacceptable to some.

According to a recent post in popular Facebook group, the majority of people (over a 100) think it’s rude not to answer your messages.

Users commenting gave five main reasons that excuse them from not answering a message:

They read it and forgot

They find the person annoying

They’ve got other things going on in their life at the time

They don’t have time

They just couldn’t give a rat’s a**.

But one comment out of the whole bunch really grabbed our attention; it gave us a different perspective on the matter

“Yes, it’s rude not to answer but there are times when you’re too busy during the day, had every intention to reply later when you’ve got the time but the problem is you may be exhausted after a whole day and it will slip from your priorities! Next thing you know, three days have gone by and you’re looking at your what’s app chat with the message seen and unreplied to, thinking how you’re going to explain that you’ve been too busy to reply to a person you’ve been friends with for years.

You don’t want to burden them with the stuff you have going on in your life, and you don’t have the energy to comfort them if something is up with theirs, even though you want to with all your heart.

Sometimes you barely have the energy and motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and on such days, replying to messages is the last thing on your mind.”

So don’t mistake the lack of getting a reply with ghosting.

With mental health awareness day merely a few days away, try and be more understanding of the fact that sometimes there’s more to not getting a message reply than you might actually think.