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Revealed: Residents share what annoys them the most about living in a Maltese town

The perks of living in Malta are numerous.

Nowhere is really too far, everyone is super friendly, we’ve got a pretty good life here overall, but there’s one thing that seems to make all residents alike want to bash their heads in.

A recent post on a popular Facebook group has revealed that there is something people living in Maltese towns absolutely despise – church bells ringing every other hour, especially in the wee hours of the morning:

I think the Birkirkara parish should really practice what they preach. They think it is fine to ring the loudest bells in Malta at 5.15am and keep them going on for half an hour. Last week, they got a new statue from Bormla so they rang them at all hours because they were celebrating and today who knows what they are celebrating. Every time they do this they wake up my whole family, even my little kids and my kids spend a day crying because they wouldn’t have gotten a good night’s sleep.”

The person who wrote the post goes on to say:

“I once spoke to my neighbour who was in her 80’s ( a person who suffered with great physical pain) and she told me that the minute she managed to sleep that night, the bells woke her up. Some may argue that it is tradition, but because of there “so called tradition” they are showing no respect to the people,who would like and NEED to sleep at night. Why not ring the bells at a decent hour?”

The post quickly garnered over 500 comments with everyone sharing their anecdotes with church bells ringing at all hours of the day.

Some were understanding and agreed with what the post was talking about …

“Yep they woke me up too. The only day I could sleep in. Guess what? They are back at it! Bunch of barbarians. Don’t preach to me about tradition. I really do not care. I have a right to rest without being woken up with this endless cacophony. This is noise pollution. Do you a think concert would he allowed to start at 5.15am ??? So why should they ? 30mins of bells!!!”

“You are right, 5am is no time for noise especially over a statue. We’re not at a time where people need to wake up to till the fields and need to hear the bells to wake up. Tradition should be kept, but ringing bells later won’t make any difference to the statue or tradition.”

But some did not agree, saying that the church and its bells came way before the place they are living in:

“How about you chose to go and live near the church which was built quite before you were born. If you do not like to hear the bells you should go and live away from a church.”

What do you think?

What annoys you the most about living in a Maltese town or village?