Revealed: Malta’s favourite church

Us Maltese people love our traditional Maltese festas (well, most of us do anyway). It’s the one time a year where you’re allowed to lose a bit of your inhibitions, all in the name of the patron saint of the town you’re celebrating.

The church is decorated in the most gorgeous manner, leaving everyone who enters its parameters in complete awe. So it’s quite probable that many will say their parish church is their favourite one to visit. Especially since it’s one of the only few they actually have visited.

But you’d be surprised…

A recent post on popular Facebook group The Salott has asked people to name their favourite Maltese church when it comes to history and architecture.

Loads of people commented, and the winner is clear, but let’s go through the runner ups first.


The church that’s beloved by Gozitans everywhere. Multiple miracles were reported over the years, with people recovering from terminal illness, after prayers had been made to the Madonna Ta’ Pinu.


Ask any Zejtuniz/a and they will reply without hesitation.

Although dedicated to St. Catherine, Zejtun’s first parish church is commonly known as St. Gregory’s because of the annual pilgrimage to this place. This church’s dome is one of the most ancient example of Maltese cupolas still standing.


The Mosta Dome’s massive rotunda is third largest in the world, and Malta couldn’t be prouder.

During the Second World War the church was almost destroyed when, during an air raid, a 200kg bomb fell through the dome without exploding.

All the 300 people attending morning mass left unscathed. On the 9th April, 1942 the detonator was removed and a replica is now on display inside the church as a famous tourist attraction.


Il-Knisja l-Qadima, as many karkarizi have dubbed it, is a gem that brightens up the streets of Birkirkara.

The church fell out of use in the late 18th century, after the St Helen’s Basilica was blessed in 1782. The church became a parish once again in 2005, after decades of restoration.

All absolutely gorgeous churches with rich history and architecture attributed to them. But the church that got mentioned the most was…


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And how can you blame them?

Home of one of Caravaggio’s main masterpieces – The Beheading of Saint John Baptist, together with multiple tombstones of noble knights.

It’s a historical lover’s dream come true, from the intricately ornate interior decorated by Matia Preti to the contrasting exterior and gorgeous bell towers.

It’s really no wonder that Malta has crowned this as their favourite church.

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