Revamp your Public Transport by Filling in This Survey


Malta’s public transport system is looking to improve its service, and you can be a part of this huge change. Fill in a quick survey to let Malta Public Transport know what your transportation needs are.

Everyone has different go-to routes and schedules they follow every day. This means our public transport must try and cater to all these different needs and requirements. This is why Malta Public Transport has launched their most engaging survey yet.



The short survey allows you to show exactly what routes you typically follow, whether it’s going to work, school or simply running errands. What’s important is that this study isn’t just for bus-users. The goal is to get to know the country’s mobility needs as a whole. As a plus, you also get to speak up on what you want most from your public transport system.

Take the survey here!

“This exercise is part of a wider study that will enable us to delve into the next phase in the transformation of urban transport in Malta,” said Diane Oswald, Head of Communications at Malta Public Transport. So, we’re not only talking about buses. Once they have the answers, Malta Public Transport can start working on a convenient and sustainable solution to the transport needs on the islands.



Besides this, the more we work on improving our public transport system the more we’ll be working towards a cleaner environment. 89.7 Bay’s campaign in collaboration with Malta Public Transport, Pollution Solution started for this very reason! If the system starts catering to more people, fewer people will have to use their cars and our natural environment will thrive in return.

Over the last six years, Malta’s public bus fleet has become one of the youngest and most sustainable in Europe. Public transport is always being updated to meet the changing needs of passengers across the country. Even whenever new routes are added or changed, passenger data is always being considered.



So, take this chance to help find a solution – for mobility and pollution! No one likes being stuck in traffic after all 😅

If you encounter any issue when filling in the survey, feel free to contact Malta Public Transport on Facebook, or by calling on 21222000. Leave your contact details with one of the customer care agents and you will be contacted back to gather your answers whilst one of the agents fills out the survey for you.

All data is gathered in compliance with Data Protection provisions and will solely be used for the purposes of this research. The information will be submitted anonymously and cannot be traced back to the original respondents.

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