Retailers Recalling A Dry Cat Food After An Outbreak Of Deaths Among Cats


Several retailers are recalling a dry cat food after an outbreak of deaths among cats.



The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Defra have advised owners not to give their cats food made by Fold Hill after 150 cases of feline pancytopenia have been recorded since April.



One owner, who regularly fed his cat Electra  Hypoallergenic dry cat food with salmon but tragically, a month ago, Electra began to suffer with blood in her urine.



“I want to make sure all cat owners are aware of the risks, so more don’t go through what I have”.



In the meantime shops sent their client an email recalling the products, but only customers on their mailing list will get this information. Any others will likely continue to feed their beloved pets until they either die or the bag runs out.



The Royal Veterinary College said that they are are aware of a series of cases in cats in the UK. After noticing an increase in cats presenting with a severe reduction in all major types of blood cells gathered data from UK vets from these affected cats.



“We are currently aware of more than 130 affected cats and have information relating to the diet in approximately 80 per cent of cases reported.


In the meantime store colleagues are on hand to help customers select a suitable alternative.

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