Restaurants & Snacks Bars To Open Until Midnight As Further Ease Of Restrictions Announced


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne, alongside Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci, addressed a press conference this morning, announcing a timeline for the gradual ease of restrictions…


Watch live: Bars to open on June 7 in timeline for easing more measures


Over the past week, the number of cases has locally remained under control and recent cases observed have also been as low as they were at the start of the pandemic last year.



Whilst the pandemic is ever-present, the numbers are going down and remaining stable, and if all remains as such, then further measures may be eased in the following weeks…


As of May 10th, restaurants will re-open as planned until 5 pm, with a limit of 4 people per table. Professional and non-contact sports, as well as extracurricular activities, may also resume. And open-air markets and travelling to and from Gozo will also resume as of Monday.



In hopes that the number of cases remains low, as of May 17th, more emphasis will be placed on elderly homes, as more visitors will be allowed, as well as longer visitation hours and eventually, relatives will also be able to take out their elderly.


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Then, as of May 24th, restaurants and snack bars will be able to stay open until midnight, pools can open till 8 pm, gyms and day centres will also re-open, and contact sports may resume for those 17 and over.



As of 1st June, the National Health sector also targets to re-open the country for tourism; for those who are either vaccinated or have tested negative prior to travelling to ensure both their safety and ours. Language schools will also re-open as of 1st June.


brown concrete dome building near body of water


Finally, as of 7th June, cinemas and theatres, as well as bars, summer schools, and gaming outlets will be able to re-open, whilst team and contact sports may be extended to those under 17.



Fearne also briefly mentioned future implementations for international travelling. Vaccine certificates will be provided for those who are both fully vaccinated and want to travel without restrictions.


Mandatory face masks on beaches has also been removed.

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