Residents Share The Best And Worst Bits About Living In Mellieha!

Us Maltese people love our home towns (well, most of us do).  Whether you were born into a town, or you actively made the decision to go live there, the place will always hold a special place in your heart.

A Facebook post asked residents of Mellieha for some pros and cons of living there – and comments soon started flooding in.

“In summer, living in Mellieha is absolute paradise – you’re near some of the best beaches the island has to offer, and going to Comino is barely any trouble at all,” one user commented.

“Fresher air, better views, sea is close by,” another wrote.

“You feel a sense of detachment from the polluted side, more sea breeze and enjoyable sea scent. Clean and organized community. It’s got a small city village but you’ll find everything you need. Commuting with today’s coast road is pretty much easy,” might have been one of the best answers around. 

“Peace and quiet.  Have lived here for most of my life apart from four years I spent in Mosta and I couldn’t wait to come back. I work in Swieqi and although on school days there is more traffic it takes me max 20 mins to get there… honestly definitely only pros in my opinion,” another shared.

And while many agreed to these amazing positives living in Mellieha brings, many also agreed on the things everyone more or less hates…

Like having to travel quite the distance to go anywhere beyond Malta’s northern area.

“I know that in comparison to living abroad the distance is minimal, but if you have young kids who always need ferrying around you have to consider this. Or else you have to make sure extra curricular activities and schools are close to the North. That’s why I’ve always wanted to live there but never did. I live there during the summer and by the end of it, driving to the central area changes from a delight in the beginning to a pain at the end of the holidays,” on person shares.

Got any other pros and cons of living in Mellieha? Let us know in the comments!

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