Residents evacuated after gas explosion in Qawra

More than 20 residents – including a baby – have been evacuated from their homes after an explosion in Qawra.

Fire crews were called to a pastizzi shop in Tourists Street at around 6am on Tuesday after the suspected gas blast.

A number of pets were also removed from flats above the food outlet for their safety.

A spokesman for Civil Protection Malta told 89.7 Bay: ‘One officer, eight fire fighters and three appliances responded to the call from Xemxija and Corradino Fire Station.’

He added: ‘The fire was controlled quickly, the cylinders cooled down and extracted to reduce the possibility of a further explosion or fire.

‘The Civil Protection Department would like to thank Malta Police, particularly officers from Qawra Police Station and RIU officers who assisted in the evacuation of a residents from nearby flats.’

‘Approximately 20 residents were evacuated, including a baby.’

No one was hurt in the incident.