Research Team from the University of Malta With Breakthrough in Stem Cell Study


Prof.  Pierre Schembri Wismayer, Dr Ila Tewari Jasra, and Ms Maria Mifsud from the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, are proud finalists of the Falling Walls Life Sciences Award.

Over the summer, leading academic institutions including the University of Malta nominated their Breakthroughs of the Year in 10 different fields of science, and finalists have now been selected.



Prof. Wismayer et al. have made a breakthrough on the conversion of Adult Cells into Pluri Potent Stem cells.



The Falling Walls Conference is a global showcase of the most recent breakthroughs in science and society. It is named after the peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall.

This year, the conference has shifted from a physical to a virtual event and will be held from 1 until 10 November. Registrations for the online conference can be made online.

While it is always nice to feel that sense of national pride, we believe that massive congratulations are in order!