Research Shows Families Who Listen To Music Together Argue Less


Families that listen to music together build stronger ties and are less prone to quarrel, survey finds.

According to a study of 2,000 individuals, 42% say they are closer to their loved ones because they share a love of music, and 32% believe it lessens disputes.



According to the study, the ways Brits feel most connected with their parents include sharing a love of an artist (44 %), sharng experiences while listening to music from their childhood (44 %), and singing along to their favourite songs together (36 %).


Parents questioned also stated that listening to their children’s musical influences has helped them better understand their children (59 %) and see things from their perspective (62 %).



While pop is the most common music that brings individuals together (24%), families also bond through a mutual love of rock (15%), disco (11%), soul (10%), and dance (10%).


Almost one-quarter (24%) of those aged 21-22 go clubbing with their parents, and more than one-tenth (12%) wish they did.

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