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Research Finds Couples Who Have Sex Once A Week Are More Satisfied In Their Relationships


It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken a toll on several people across the globe, with pandemic stress and uncertainty even leading to a decline in sex among couples, leaving many concerned if – and how – they could reignite their sex lives…


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And for couples looking for a place to start, turns out having sex once a week might help! According to sex therapist Ian Kerner, couples who commit to having sex once a week are more likely to have happy and fulfilling relationships, inside and outside of the bedroom.



During an appearance on a podcast, Kerner explained how couples can overcome hurdles in their sex lives, suggesting that having sex once a week for fun supports relationship satisfaction.


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A study conducted back in 2015 also found that couples who had sex once a week were more likely to feel satisfied in their relationships than those who had less sex. Researchers also found that having sex more often than once a week didn’t add to the relationship satisfaction.



And the type of sex you’re having matters too, FYI. Kerner explained that sex falls into 3 categories: recreational (for fun), relational (to feel connected to your partner), and procreative (to have kids). Though all 3 are important, placing too much focus on one type can turn an intimate moment into an anxious activity.


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Kerner explained that couples undergoing IVF tend to forget that sex can be used to boost intimacy, not just to have babies. Plus, fitting relational and recreational sex into your procreative sex routine can help relieve pressure.


Kerner also recommends broadening your ideas of what counts as relational sex in order to help keep the intimacy alive. He suggests scheduling a weekly ‘willingness window’ where partners dedicate time to a fun, intimate activity with heir partner.