Reminder: This is How Roundabout Lanes are to be Used


It might come as second nature for most of us, but we know that deep-down half of us get frustrated in the morning traffic as they reach a roundabout, because the other half of us decide that it is a good idea to spice things up and change lanes as they are turning.

You know, because variety is the spice of life!



Transport Malta has this morning published a friendly reminder with a very simple explanation, reminding us all just how we are supposed to use the lanes at the roundabout, especially now that most roundabouts in major arteries will be leading to specific directional flyovers, with no turning back until a next roundabout.



This is a system which applies all over the world. The left lane on a dual lane roundabout is ideally used for taking the 1st and 2nd exits, right lane should then be used for any exits after that. And remember to use your indicators!

Visit THIS LINK to read through the highway code, as a friendly reminder.

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