Red Electrick’s Front Man Joe Roscoe Talks Collaborations & True Success On Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


This week on Malta’s Top 10, Joe Roscoe from the local band Red Electrick sat down with Jake to discuss their latest collabs if there are any new collaborated tracks in store for us, and what true success means to the singer and songwriter…



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Following Red Electrick’s latest collaboration with Destiny on their track ‘Mistake’, we wanted to know how the collab came out. As Roscoe explained, ‘When we wrote the album, you write a song and think, “you know who I imagine on this track?” And it’s mentioned throughout the process a lot and then when you’re releasing singles, you choose favourites’.



‘Some of those was eventually Mistake, but it wasn’t the only collab that we thought of’. So, obviously, this made us curious to know if more collaborations will be coming our way, especially since last December, the band also collaborated with local star Luke Chappell…



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But as Roscoe clarified, ‘We discuss ideas, an idea comes out and then we either take it seriously or we don’t. But in all honesty, nothing is currently planned for more collaborations’.



Whilst we’re sad we don’t have more collabs coming our way from the band, we also wanted to know how the ongoing coronavirus has affected them, like many other local artists, especially since, ‘It’s our living, we make money from live shows and such’, Roscoe noted.



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‘Money aside, we love playing live and the most important thing for us is doing that in front of our fans. So we miss that connection with them, even though social media keeps us in touch’, he added.



Lastly, Jake asked Roscoe what he thinks true success for a local artist is and, as the singer remarked, ‘I think that, at least for me personally, as long as I’m managing to make a living out of it and I can still do it full time, then that’s the success for me, because it isn’t easy.’


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Malta’s Top 10 with Jake will be back next Monday at 9:30 pm!

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