Received Your Government Vouchers? Here’s How You Can Spend Them At Eden Leisure

The long-awaited vouchers have finally started arriving – so one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind right now is – how should I spend them?

The vouchers are there for you to enjoy – and what better way to enjoy them, than to treat yourself to some fun activities with yourself, friends and family?

From chilling in a movie theatre to chilling next to a pool – you’ll find all your entertainment cravings under one roof (sort of).

When spending your government voucher at the Eden Cinemas, you get a free cinema ticket redeemable on your next visit.

You can check out their Facebook page and website to find out which amazing classics they’re bringing back to the big screen.

Spending your voucher at the Eden Superbowl will earn you a free double game of bowling, also redeemable on your next visit.

And if you’re looking into going for a relaxing weekend break, InterContinental Malta, the 5-star hotel in St Julian’s has an amazing offer in store.

When spending your 80 euro vouchers there, they will be topping up another 20 euro for you to spend – whether it’s to relax by the pool, or for an overnight stay.

When visiting SKYBEACH – you’ll be paying 50 euro entrance, and they will be giving you a 50 euro food and beverage allowance.

If you’re visiting Narcis – you’ll be paying 30 euro entrance, and they will be giving you a 30 euro food and beverage allowance.

Not too bad huh??

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