READ: Sixth Form Reopening Guidelines Issued


Following the issuing of guidelines for the reopening of Kindergartens, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health together with the Superintendence of Public Health have issued the guidelines for the reopening of Sixth Form.

The basis of the guidelines is tied to the three basic principles of personal hygiene, social distancing and masks.



Here are some of the few guidelines, at a glance:


  • Students are to maintain a physical distance of 1.5metres
  • Masks are to be worn at all times, both in class and in common areas. Exceptions will be made for when students are exercising, or for medical purposes.
  • Staff and Teachers are to wear masks or visors at all times, in all areas.



  • Timetabling should be such to have the least movements and mixing of students possible. Very accurate records need to be kept of the movements of students at all times in order to facilitate contract tracing by the Public Health authorities should there be a COVID-19 positive case. This information would be used when carrying out the risk assessment by the Health Authorities.


You can read the full set of guidelines by CLICKING HERE.