READ All about It: Maltese Generosity At It’s Best!

Keith Aquilina is one of the heroes who are currently working at Mater Dei in the midst of the COVID-19 Outbreak. On his Facebook profile, Keith, a Junior Doctor, said that there had been concern raised by MDH staff worried about potentially going home and passing on the virus to relatives who are at mortal risk.

“The Maltese people have been coming forward and volunteering any empty places they have to be given out to health workers in this situation. Many landlords with a spare bedroom and hotels have been in touch. Amazing people from Mater Dei (apart from being doctors and having their regular dose of busy going on) have taken the initiative to handle requests and match then with potential properties being volunteered up,” Keith said on Facebook.

Keith’s father happens to be very immunocompromised right now and because of this, he was one of those given priority for these temporary lodging arrangements.

Writing on Facebook, Keith said that he picked up the key yesterday, “incredulous at the generosity of such people, I went to the apartment, opened up and was met with the freshest smell of cleanliness, walked into this phenomenal looking kitchen and living room, to find a bag filled to the brim with groceries and everything I needed to get me started up and they even left a thank you note!”

Keith said that it is so humbling to be able to accept such help and support from the Maltese, adding that Rachel and her partner Dave (the persons who generously made the apartment available) “are missing out on potentially thousands of Euro for these few weeks so that they can help people like myself. Thanks to them, I am no longer worried of carrying the virus home. I have no words to thank these brave and courageous people. These people are not seeking to capitalise on people’s fears for financial gains. They are my heroes. It doesn’t have to be a doctor, everyone can help this time of crisis.”

Keith took the time to reach out to anyone who can afford to do such a kind deed to do so.

“I am forever grateful. If anyone reads this and wants to help, just share so that it reaches more people,” Keith said. And that is exactly what we are doing!

“I am so proud to be Maltese!,” Keith concludes!