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Rating Sex & The City’s Carrie Bradshaw’s Handbag Choices from Worst to Best


The Sex and the City reboot is officially happening, and if you’re a fellow fan of the hit TV series, then you’d know that Carrie Bradshaw has made some ICONIC fashion choices over the show – and that includes her handbags! So, we’re here to rate them from worst to best!


Worst – Gucci Belt Bag


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There’s just something about a belt bag, fanny-pack-esque handbag that doesn’t scream ‘fashion-forward’ or ‘style’ to me, and it surely isn’t the best bag of the series. I will say this though, Carrie Bradshaw 100% managed to pull it off in Season 4!




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The first season of the series started off with a bang with everything from luscious fur coats to big white tulle skirts, and for most of Season 1, Carrie is seen carrying a clutch practically everywhere. Were they cute? Totally! But they surely don’t outshine the others…


Dior Saddle


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The renowned Dior saddle made its way into Season 3 of Sex and the City, and Carrie practically rocked it throughout the entire season, and we LOVED it!



Fendi Baguette


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If you recall, ‘this isn’t a bag, it’s a baguette’ and Carrie carried it around so much in Seasons 2 and 6, that Fendi later featured her in an advert for their 2019 Spring Collection, where she’s seen carrying a fabulous purple sequined version.


Best – Birkin


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The Birkin Bag was the star of the show for Seasons 5 and 6, and there’s just something about a Birkin – I mean, even Samantha tries to get her hands on one (but don’t worry, she seems to get her hands on one in the second Sex and the City movie)! We have no clue where Carrie got hers, but we surely know we’re in love with it!


Which one was your favourite?