Rate of Reproduction of Covid-19 in Malta Drops to 1.1

With just four new cases recorded today and one yesterday, things seem to be going well for Malta and our fight against the Covid-19 virus.

Just last week, Prof. Gauci confirmed that Malta’s R0 factor (how many people you transmit the virus to once you’ve contracted it) was at 1.5.

The global average of the virus is 2.2, which means that Malta was already ahead of other countries in this area.

A recent scientific analysis by Dr Vincent Marmara shows that the R0 factor in Malta has now decreased, with its reproductive ratio going down from 1.5 to 1.1.

In a recent interview on Bay Chats, Malta will know when it has reached the virus peak and is on its way to flattening the curve, once the R0-Factor goes below 1.

Dr Gauci also confirmed last week that Malta’s R-0 factor will need to drop to below 1 before it can start easing restrictions imposed by the government to contain the spread.

If we were to ease and remove all restrictions now, the R-o factor could increase, together with a growth in cases. Whereas, if restrictions were slowly eased, we’d need to monitor the R-0 factor to determine whether easing the restrictions is causing an increased risk of the Maltese population contracting the virus.

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