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Rare Plant Species Reintroduced Across Malta and Gozo


After discussions with the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), the Argotti Botanic Gardens and Resource Centre (ABGRC) successfully re-introduced three rare plant species in a number of locations in Malta and Gozo.

Cyperus laevigatus subsp.distachyos, Iris pseudacorus and Typha domingensis have been planted by the University’s Argotti Botanic Gardens and Resource Centre (ABGRC).

The first two of these species have been eradicated in the wild.



Cyperus laevigatus subsp. distachyos, or the Mediterranean Galingale, was eradicated from Wied Mula in the mid-seventies, though luckily specimens were attained and propagated at ABGRC.

Iris pseudacorus, or the Yellow Flag Iris, was also last present in a ditch at Mdina decades ago.



Typha domingensis, or the Bulrush, is an endangered species which is on the increase and specimens were also provided to Nature Trust to assist in their rehabilitation work.

Through the reintroduction of these species, ABGRC is contributing to species preservation and biodiversity in the countryside.