Rare Pink Supermoon Set To Light Up Our Sky From Tomorrow


Dear astronomy enthusiasts, get your binoculars out because you are in for quite the treat, as in the next few weeks, the moon will be making a rare appearance with its pink supermoon in the early hours of Tuesday morning, followed by another one in May.


The full April pink moon will be 1st supermoon of 2021 - nj.com


The pink moon is set to occur at 4:30 am on Tuesday 27 April and it will mark the first of two supermoons set to take place this year!



A supermoon usually occurs when the moon is approaching the closest to earth and we get the privilege to witness it. This is surely not your average moon, as it is set to dazzle our skies 30% more than usual and will appear 14% larger than the average full moon.


Rare pink supermoon 2021 - what time and day to see April's special full  moon - Birmingham Live


It will also allow us to be in total awe of it until Wednesday coming. And if that wasn’t enough, we get to experience another supermoon this year on May 26, otherwise known as the Flower Moon.


The Flower Moon will be closer to Earth by 98 miles from the Earth.

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