Rare photo shows Meghan wearing a Maltese ghonnella

A rare photo has emerged showing the Duchess of Sussex wearing a traditional Maltese għonnella.

The snap was taken in Valletta in 2015 when Meghan was a happy and carefree actress on a visit to the island to explore her Maltese ancestry.

Majesty Magazine‘s editor Joe Little took to Twitter to share the incredible photo.

In the snap, Meghan appears perfectly poised as she rubs shoulders with Maltese aristocrat the ninth Marquis de Piro and his wife Frances at their home, Casa Rocca Piccola.

Malta has a special place in Meghan’s heart as her great-great-grandmother Mary was born in Valletta in 1862.

During her Malta holiday in 2015, the former Suits star spent time in Mdina, Valletta and Vittoriosa – and visited the Azure Window in Gozo.

Meghan said at the time: ‘Coming to Malta has been really important to me because my great-great-grandmother lived here, so we’ve been trying to trace the ancestry.

‘This trip was mostly about trying to understand where I come from, my identity. There’s something so lovely about fitting in a piece of the puzzle.

‘To come somewhere where you so quickly settle in to feeling welcomed is really special. It’s this Maltese hospitality that is really special to the place.’

Meghan added: ‘Before I came, people were telling me, ‘When you go to Malta, everyone will look like you,’ and I started to say, ‘Oh my gosh I do sort of blend in,’ and it’s the loveliest feeling.

‘The Maltese people have been so kind.’

‘In Gozo I loved the fresh goat’s milk cheeses, particularly the pickled ones with the black pepper on them.’

She added: ‘I’m about to have the spaghetti with rabbit, which I’ve been waiting to try.

‘For breakfast, I tried the pastizzi with peas and ricotta. Oh my goodness they’re delicious! So my suitcase will be filled with all sorts of Maltese treats.’

Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Prince Harry on May 19 this year.

The couple tied the knot at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where Harry was christened when he was three months old.

She was walked down the aisle by her new father-in-law, Prince Charles.

Malta’s prime minister Joseph Muscat first met Meghan and Prince Harry during a visit to London with his family to celebrate Commonwealth Day in March.

The main subject of conversation was Meghan’s family ties to Malta.

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